Lindsay Bayer

Children's Author, Child/Family Yoga Instructor, Curriculum Developer, Education Consultant

Audiobooks for Toddlers

I love listening to audiobooks during my lengthy commutes, but Stella started getting antsy playing with toys in the backseat during these drives…and she probably didn’t REALLY enjoy listening to my books so much. We’re pretty non-techy, so Stella does not get DVDs to watch or an iPad to maneuver during our drives. In actuality, she doesn’t get much of these luxuries at home either (besides the song scenes in Julie Andrews musicals), but that’s just our style. She’s always been a book girl, so I started thinking that she may want to enjoy audiobooks as well. I started playing versions of some of her faviorite picture books and she now LOVES listening to these stories; she hears the familiar words and recites them along with the audio, even when she doesn’t have the book in front of her.

Stella has the following playlist for the car. These are all books that she knows and doesn’t mind listening to without the book in her lap. For new books that I find at the library, I always make sure we read the book a few times at home before having her listen to the audio in the car. This way, she’s somewhat familiar with the story and can follow along much better when we listen to the CD while driving. I love any way to share books with young children, so I feel this is a practice that will continue and grow for years to come!