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Food Yoga Recap and Rice Jar Giveaway!

April featured one of my favorite yoga themes (and really one of my favorite topics in life): FOOD!  We read THE LITTLE MOUSE, THE RED RIPE STRAWBERRY, AND THE BIG HUNGRY BEAR which is an adorable and pretty quick read.  If you get this book, be prepared for multiple readings in one sitting!  We then transformed ourselves through yoga to become various characters and foods from the book.  Click on the poses below to see how we became:

It's really fun rocking and rolling when transitioning from Strawberry to Bear...try it!

We also worked with partners to share, imagined the delight of eating something very yummy (which we demonstrated by basically giving ourselves great big hugs!), and relaxed as the book ended.  We read the book at the beginning of class, then again after learning the poses so we could practice each posture as it was mentioned in the story.

Everyone was REALLY into the book!

Everyone was REALLY into the book!

Our yoga game was also very fun.  I made some rice jars with tiny charms hidden inside.  Each child/adult team had to find the hidden charms (which were shaped like tiny strawberries, knives, mice, etc.) in the sea of rice, then perform the pose that corresponded with the charm.  It took lots of patience, concentration, perseverance, and a good memory to find all the items, but I think all our teams completed the challenge!

Searching for the charms inside the rice jars

Searching for the charms inside the rice jars

I actually have 6 FOOD YOGA RICE JARS available for anyone who wants them!  If you missed the class and want to try this game OR if you would like to practice this game again at home, simply CONTACT ME and I'll give a jar to you!  If you're a regular, I'll pass on a jar to you at our next class.  If you need it sent to you, I may ask for a small fee just to cover shipping.

Happy reading and happy moving!