Lindsay Bayer

Children's Author, Child/Family Yoga Instructor, Curriculum Developer, Education Consultant

Poses for Creativity and SO MUCH More!

Thanks to everyone that came to our CREATIVITY YOGA & STORY TIME class in January. We read “The Dot” by Peter H. Reynolds and learned how to use yoga to spark our own imaginations and inspire creativity in our daily lives.  Many of the poses we practiced offer multiple benefits including being open to trying new things, inspiring confidence, and calming the mind and body during times of frustration. Here are some of the poses we practiced, along with their benefits and times that you might want to try them:




Reminds children that they can open themselves up to try new things. Helpful to practice when kids are reluctant to try something new.


Downward-Facing Dog

This pose increases the flow of oxygen to the brain and energizes the mind and body. Being upside down also allows kids to see the world in a different way, which helps them get a new perspective on a situation. Helpful to practice when kids are feeling "stuck" and need new ideas.


Washing Machine

The twisting motion is naturally calming and soothing to kids. Perfect to try when kids get frustrated or need some redirection. They can also SLOWLY spin in a circle for the same effect.

goddess pose.jpg


This pose inspires strength and confidence. Helpful to practice when kids need a self-esteem boost.

open heart 1.jpg

Open Heart

This pose allows adults to show children support and encouragement. Good to try when kids ask for your help or if they're feeling alone.

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