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SNOWga Recap AND More Ideas Based on our SNOWga Books

Even if you DID come to one of January’s SNOWga classes, there will be some NEW ideas in this post because we read different books in our Galesburg and Pekin classes.  Our Pekin crew enjoyed Snowmen at Night by Caralyn and Mark Buehner and our Galesburg friends got to know Ladybug Girl as we read Jacky Davis and David Soman’s Ladybug Girl and the Big Snow.

So this post is for you if:

  • You came to a class and want to discover the other book we read at the opposite class
  • You want some supplemental activities to the book that we read in your class
  • You couldn’t make it to a class and want some ideas do try at home
  • You’re at all interested in at-home activities to do with your child
  • You’re at all interested in family yoga
  • You’re a breathing human (Just kidding…kinda.)

We practiced many of the same SNOWga poses in both our Snowmen at Night and Ladybug Girl classes, including:

  1. Snow scooping (where we sat in staff pose, then pretended to use our hands to shovel the deep snow and bury our legs in it) -  This was a great warm up to stimulate blood flow and start heating up our bodies.
  2. Sledding (modified cobra pose where we bobbed up and down as we avoided pretend tree branches)
  3. Snowball Sled (upward plank pose where we tested whether or not we could roll a small ball down each of our slides)

We practiced these poses and then made our own snowman craft, followed by some “Hot Chocolate Breathing” and a snowy final relaxation. 

My Stella came to our Galesburg class (she was sick during the Pekin session), so she enjoyed Ladybug Girl and the Big Snow. After class she wanted to do some Ladybug Girl artwork, so I headed to my trusty Pinterest page where I had compiled some fun Ladybug Girl activities.  We immediately made the Potato Stamp ladybugs that afternoon and then re-read Ladybug Girl and the Big Snow before repeating the poses we learned for my husband to see that evening. 

That led me to look for some additional Snowmen at Night activities for those that enjoyed that book at our Pekin session.  You can find those ideas HERE.  Stella and I are planning to do the fun “dressed-up” Play-Dough snowmen after reading the book and trying the SNOWga poses again.

So…all of this to say, the fun doesn’t have to stop when you roll up your yoga mats at the end of Yoga & Story Time.   One of the (many) reasons that we read a book together during our classes is because moving through different yoga poses based on the book actually helps children remember and better connect with the story.  Yoga helps them re-tell and become part of the story in their own special way.  The story becomes more personal…it becomes theirs.  This connection can also happen when you pair a book with a supplemental craft or game (such as the ones listed on the Pinterest boards I’ve linked).  So try some of these ideas and review the poses at home that you and your little one tried in class.  Kids can further experience the characters and ideas presented in books…even when they are closed and back up on the shelf.

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