Lindsay Bayer

Children's Author, Child/Family Yoga Instructor, Curriculum Developer, Education Consultant


We had so many awesome super-kids in our August SUPERHERO Yoga & Story Time classes.  We learned the rules of being a superhero, like helping others and overcoming obstacles, and even made our own superhero shields!  But the best part (in my opinion) was teaching sun salutations with a superhero twist! 


If you missed this class, or just want a refresher on how we transformed this flow, here are the prompts:

  1. Look up to the sky to check for villains.  Reach your arms up over your head, bringing your palms together.
  2. Look down to check on the city.  Swan dive your arms down as you bend from the waist and place your hands on your shins or on the floor in forward fold.
  3. You see a villain!  Stretch out and fly!  Place your hands on the floor and step back into plank pose.
  4. Swoop to chase the villain.  Bend your elbows to slowly bring your body to the floor, then lift your upper body with your arms in cobra pose.
  5. Put the villain in a trap.  Curl your toes under and bring your hips up high into the sky in downward-facing dog; you will look like an upside-down V.
  6. Walk the villain to the police station.  Take small slow steps to bring your feet to your hands, ending up in another forward fold.
  7. Relax, knowing the city is safe.  Stand up slowly, bringing your hands to your heart in prayer position.

The class was so much fun.  If you missed it, we've got more fun planned in September at NATURE Yoga & Story Time.  Click here for more information and to register!