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What We’re Reading This Week: Preschool Book Ideas

We’ve recently checked-out some EXCELLENT picture books at our library.  I typically let Stella pick out 1 or 2 books on our visits; whatever she’s drawn to at the time.  Then I find a few that have been on MY to-read list…and (if I’m honest) I pretty much make her read them with me.  (She typically likes the ones I pick out, although I’ve been known to totally choke on occasion.)

But the stars have aligned for the past couple library visits, and we’ve found harmony in a mutual affinity for our chosen books.  Here I’ve listed the ones that we’ve particularly liked based on their ability to engage us both in the plot, detail in illustrations, humor, and Stella’s overall interest in the subject matter:

Loved by the both of us due to Stella’s infatuation with the concept of camouflage AND her study of bugs at preschool. (Stella’s choice)

Loved by the both of us because…well…who doesn’t love Mo Willems? This book is hilarious AND it’s the first of the ELEPHANT & PIGGIE books we’ve read together. (Stella’s choice)

Loved by both of us because it’s fun to say “Fi-Fi,” “Foo-Foo” and “Ooh-La-La”! It’s also beautiful to see how the characters journey to find the place where they belong. Super cute illustrations, too! (My choice)

Loved by both of us because it hits very close to home: it’s much more fun to be dirty than take a bath, right? The banter between the pigs sounds very familiar to our daily conversations, so I think we both got a kick out of that. Plus, Stella has a really strange and strong love for pigs. Weird. (Stella’s grandpa’s/my dad’s choice)

Loved by both of us because it’s just a great concept. How would a bug respond to a new life in a vacuum tank? By going through the five stages of grief of course! (Seriously, this book provides a crash-course in the Kübler-Ross model.) There’s some great humor in this one for kids and adults to appreciate. (My choice)

chicken chuck.jpg

Loved by both of us because the illustrations are gorgeous and very whimsical. Loved even more by Stella because it features a pig. (Stell’s choice)

*This post contains affiliate links, but I only recommend and link products that I’ve used and love myself.  Remember when I said we LOVED these books?