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Yoga, Baby!

I am very fortunate to have the opportunity to combine three things that I love so much into one really cool new adventure: teaching, children’s literature, and yoga.

Last month I began teaching child and family yoga workshops at a great studio in Pekin, Illinois called YOGA HAPPENS HERE. In these workshops I lead preschoolers and their parents/caregivers in yoga games and activities centered on children’s literature. Each book offers unique opportunities for movement, so every workshop will feature a new story that kids will love. Sessions will also offer parents suggestions on how to incorporate yoga into their child’s day to promote relaxation and focus.

I’ve practiced yoga for a while now, but became certified to teach kids in May of 2015. I loved my training in instructing small groups of children and coordinating this new yoga curriculum (which is another passion of mine). The workshops are for kids ages 3-5, but we will be adding more age groups in the future. If you’re in the Pekin area, please check it out or email me at for more information.

If you aren’t in the area (or even if you are and want more information), here are some great books and resources about incorporating yoga in your home or classroom:

“Itsy Bitsy Yoga”  by Helen Garabedian– My husband and I were greatly influenced by this book after we had our daughter. The postures in this book were not only promoted as being good for babies, but were presented as opportunities for bonding. We found that the moves and routines were not only wonderful in helping with fussiness and preparing for bedtime (which they totally were), but also in helping the three of us find ways to spend quality time together through yoga. The toddler/preschool version of this book is equally excellent!

“Little Yoga: A Toddler’s First Book of Yoga” by Rebecca Whitford – This was my daughter’s favorite book for a very long time! Not only does this book instruct toddlers on how to accomplish various postures, but also provides vibrant and appealing illustrations for little eyes. Stella and I would usually read this twice each time she pulled it from the bookshelf: once for her to try the postures and again for her to just sit next to me and listen/look.

“Calm Down Time” by Elizabeth Verdick (Part of the ‘Toddler Tools’ Series) – This book doesn’t deal directly with yoga, but promotes the importance of self-regulation for toddlers. It emphasizes taking care of one’s self as a necessary tool for children to master. The focus on deep-breathing is wonderful and children will want to practice as they read.

And take a look at these benefits, compiled by

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