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Calming Galaxy Bottles for SPACE YOGA

I'm sure you've seen tutorials for DIY calming jars and glitter bottles floating around Pinterest.  I've made these for Stella since she was a baby and, after a particularly long day, I find myself shaking them up and watching the glitter fall right alongside her.  They really are relaxing!

So when I stumbled upon this tutorial for DIY Nebula Jars, I knew I wanted to incorporate something like this to use during SPACE YOGA.  So, after a few modifications, Stella and I came up with our own variation at the kitchen sink yesterday: CALMING GALAXY BOTTLES.

If you're joining us for SPACE YOGA, you'll get to see the ones we made in person.  If you can't make it or if you want to make your own to bring to class, I've included instructions!  Just click the image below:

And…if you want a sneak peek of the book we're reading for our SPACE class, take a gander at SPACE BOY by Leo Landry.

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