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Calming Galaxy Bottles for SPACE YOGA

I'm sure you've seen tutorials for DIY calming jars and glitter bottles floating around Pinterest.  I've made these for Stella since she was a baby and, after a particularly long day, I find myself shaking them up and watching the glitter fall right alongside her.  They really are relaxing!

So when I stumbled upon this tutorial for DIY Nebula Jars, I knew I wanted to incorporate something like this to use during SPACE YOGA.  So, after a few modifications, Stella and I came up with our own variation at the kitchen sink yesterday: CALMING GALAXY BOTTLES.

If you're joining us for SPACE YOGA, you'll get to see the ones we made in person.  If you can't make it or if you want to make your own to bring to class, I've included instructions!  Just click the image below:

And…if you want a sneak peek of the book we're reading for our SPACE class, take a gander at SPACE BOY by Leo Landry.

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Books & Poses for Snack Time Yoga

DISCLAIMER: the yoga discussed in this post has the likelihood to make you extremely hungry. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

July’s Yoga and Story Time classes were very food focused. In addition to reading the book FAT CAT  by Margaret Read MacDonald (which explores the comical items that a very hungry cat gobbles up), participants focused on transforming their bodies into different types of snacks through yoga poses. While the book we read was focused on the overall act of eating, there are so many great picture books that are quite pose-specific.

Outlined below is a sampling of some food-focused poses we practiced, along with books that would be a great accompaniment to each pose. See if you can find these books at your local library or head on over to, then read and practice the complementary pose - maybe close to your child’s snack time!

YOGA PIES (Staff Pose Variation)

READ: FAT CAT is the book we used in class. It features a busy mouse that makes 35 pies, and a hungry cat that eats them all! HOW TO MAKE AN APPLE PIE AND SEE THE WORLD  is another great option that takes readers on a global adventure and also includes a pie recipe.

PLAY: In this activity, you’ll start in traditional staff pose but you’ll need to imagine that there’s a shelf above your head with all the ingredients you need to make a pie and at your ankles is a big mixing bowl. Have your child name an ingredient that’s needed for the pie (apples, peaches, pecans, sugar, flour, etc.). Inhale and reach your arms up, imagining that you’re grabbing the ingredient from the shelf. Then exhale and bend at the hips, reaching down to deposit the ingredient into the imaginary mixing bowl. Repeat for all the ingredients you can think of, ending by grabbing an imaginary spoon and stirring all the ingredients in the imaginary bowl. 

Here are some friends below making their yoga pies:

YOGA BANANAS (Standing Side Bend)

READ:  BANANAS IN MY EARS is not a book exclusively about bananas, but it is a great book of nonsense poetry that kids and adults will treasure. For Richard Scarry fans, his book FLOATING BANANAS is another great option, but I believe this book may be a bit difficult to get your hands on…so check your library!

PLAY:  To become bananas, we simply modify the traditional side bend  by “peeling” one arm down to our sides, then reaching over with the raised arm. Then we bring our “bananas” back together, before peeling the other side. 

This photo gives you a better idea:

YOGA POPCORN (Mountain, to Chair, to Star)

READ: THE POPCORN BOOK is not only written by one of my favorite children’s authors, Tomie de Paola, but is also a wonderful and engaging nonfiction picture book that investigates one of my all-time favorite snacks.

PLAY: Starting in mountain pose, inhale and bend your knees coming into chair pose.  Instead of bringing your arms overhead in chair, bring your palms together in front of your chest. Then, as you exhale, pop your body out into star pose and jump your legs back together in mountain. Then repeat 3-5 times.

When you "pop" it will look like this:

This "snack time" class was so much fun and featured more fun poses and food-themed games.  We now have TWO class options in Central Illinois, so click here to join us for an upcoming session and email to register!

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